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When Your Insurer Is Hassling You about Your Claim

Most ordinary people do not pay much attention to their insurance policies until something happens and a claim comes up. Like most of us they just make their premium payments and go on about their daily business. However, when something does happen, making a claim is not quite the piece of cake many would like to think. Insurance claims involve much more than what meets the eye.

If you are not careful your insurance company can walk all over you, figuratively speaking of course. This is when it will become especially necessary for you to know the difference between insurance loss adjusters and insurance loss assessors. You see, one is going to have your best interest at heart whilst the other is going to try hard to make sure your insurance company is found favourable in the situation. You would be wise to pay attention and know the difference before taking on your insurance company.

insurance loss assessors

Insurance loss adjusters, also simply called insurance adjusters are hired hands that work for your insurance company. They are not going to be on your side in a claim as it is their duty to see that the insurance company comes out smelling like a rose. Never allow yourself to be fooled into believing an insurance loss adjuster is thinking of what is best for you.

To the contrary, insurance loss assessors are professionally skilled individuals whom you hire to look out for your best interest during a claim. These people work for the insured, not the insurance companies.  Insurance loss assessors can be found through companies like Salmon Assessors which provide representatives 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are highly experienced at representing people with insurance claims and being sure that everything is in order. If you are negotiating a claim then this is the type of worker you want to have on your side.