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Should I get Health Insurance?

In the UK health insurance is not necessary because everyone can get free medical treatment. However, some people do have private health plans, for a number of reasons.

The National Health service has been criticised by many and rightly or wrongly, this has caused some people to have a lack of trust in it. This means that they may choose to go private instead. The NHS also has some problems with regards to waiting lists for certain treatments. It can take a long time because they are many people waiting to be treated for certain things and if they are considered to not be emergencies, then there might be a long wait. Going privately can speed up this procedure.

Some people like to have private health insurance in place just in case they have a need to use it in the future. If you suddenly need an operation, then you will not be able to get insurance and get them to pay for it, if you want private treatment you will have to find the money to pay for it yourself. This is something that many people are not able to do.

Health insurance is sometimes something which is offered as part of a bonus package for employers. It can sometimes cover dental health as well as general health conditions and it can be worth considering signing up to as it can often include the family as well. However, if it an option, then it is worth considering whether it might be better exchanging it for something else. It all depends on your opinion of health insurance and also how likely you think you are to use it.

Deciding on whether you want to buy health insurance is really a very personal matter. It is worth considering that there are a selection of private health care companies and so you may want to ask around and read reviews to find out which one you might think will be the best for you. It is worth taking some time in making a decision like this. You will be paying money each month for the service and you want to be sure that it is something that you will use at some point but also whether it is something that you can afford. The price you pay will be based on your current health and if you have existing conditions, you may not be able to claim for treatment on those.