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Are You More Likely To Have an Accident

For most people, driving in the wintertime is an experience that they really don’t want to have. If they could get away with it, they would probably just stay inside and not even bother with anything. It would be safer, and they would get to avoid driving altogether. Yet it’s very difficult to lead this type of life — sooner or later, you’re going to have to go somewhere far away from your home. Walking in the winter is even more painful than driving. Why walk when you can drive?

Sometimes the question is a bit more straightforward than walking vs. driving. It can be as simple as whether or not you are more likely to have an accident in the wintertime.

The answer is clear: yes, the conditions on the road make it very likely that you can have a major car accident in the winter. Even if you consider yourself to be a very defensive driver with a focused mind, that doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

Winter safety is very important, and it all starts with having the right resources on hand. For example, do you really want to find that you avoided auto accidents but you ended up slipping on your way to get into the car? Not at all. This is only going to cause you serious pain and delay you from getting everything you wanted to take care of on your schedule done and over with.

Be sure then that you get plenty of salt. Even if you think that you’re really not going to need any salt, you will be better off getting as much salt as you can store in your house or garage. Having it available to you helps during a big storm, where you really can’t run out to any of the shops.

Getting a dissolving spray for all of your car door locks and even for your front door lock makes sense. Instead of just resting on the fact that you have the plenty of salt, you may want a solution to give you the opportunity to actually open your car and house when you need to get in!

Overall, it’s the time of year for major accidents, as the roads get very slick. Make sure that you are always thinking about being as defensive as possible. When in doubt, give the other cars plenty of distance between you and them. Riding up too close can trigger accidents, and who really wants to deal with that? Good luck!